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And The Tail Comes Off by FlawedPotential

I find this very interesting in comparison to the rest of your gallery. You've merged your own style with effective proportionalism, an...

Inkwell by FlawedPotential

The contrast between the two art styles (the gradient of the pencil and the solid black from the ink) really compliment each other in t...



Aellae Invictus- Legacy Academy Application by MWAlex
Aellae Invictus- Legacy Academy Application
Name:Aellae Invictus
Nickname: Vikky

Age: Nineteen (19)

DoB:  3rd December, 1995

Nationality: American/Greek

Species: Aeronymph/ Storm Nymph: Taken from Greek mythos.

Height: 5'11'' ft

Weight: 13lbs/ 85kg

Height and Weight: 5 foot 11 inches, weighing around 13 stone.

-Accepting. You are her friend. Yes, you. That's how accepting she is of others. She takes apologies to and gives them from the heart.
-Pious. She prays regularly, twice a day. While her roots are Christian, she accepts the views of others and prays to the God(s) they believe in as well.
-Dancer. Long nights and early mornings in Puerto Rico have given her snake hips that would never lie. Also, she's a nymph.
-Kisser. Long nights and early mornings in Puerto Rico have given her a very personal touch to her interactions. Also, she's a nymph.
-Not an animal person. The sight and close proximity of a relatively large animal cause her to get very frightened or at best, anxious.
-Playful. Your personal space and hers are one and the same.
-Aviophobia. An absolute terror of flying.

Background: The biproduct of a mermaid, a half-drowned sailor and an ill-timed hurricane, Aellae Invictus was, needless to explain, born in the most quizzical of circumstances. The ensuing storm left her off the coast of Costa Rica. There, she was discovered by a group of nuns who were spending the day at the beach. She was nursed back to health and spent the next fourteen years of her life training and devoting herself to God. Her abilities first came to light during a heated argument with the Mother Superior, and Aellae willed her to stop breathing. Mother Superior was less than pleased by such a supernatural power, mortified that she was able to cause such a thing, Aellae fled the nunnery,believing that she was under the influence of the Devil. She began to tour Costa Rica, honing her abilities and discovering she had many forms of control. Nonetheless, she always believed her gift to be one intended for malice.  However, in a small ramshackle hostel, a small invitation to an academy for the unnaturally gifted was posted to her name, for a place known as Legacy Academy. Perhaps this was a chance not only to prove to others that she wasn't dangerous, but that she was not a servant of Darkness.

Reason for Attending: She would like to prove to herself that she is not a threat to other people, and that she can develop these powers to use for the Greater Good.

-Power over air. Aellae can push, pull and manipulate the air within a twenty-five metre radius around her. This means she can create a dense amount of air in order to walk through empty space, create vacuums in order to maintain an object's velocity, or even form weak shields to reduce the speed of an incoming object. Because of a nymph's passive nature, it is unlikely that this ability would be used for nefarious purposes.

Nun Arm Wrap- A cut sliver of her old robe as a constant reminder of what she stands for. Holds spiritual significance and the first object of her concentration.
A small cross- Made of burnished iron, the small ornament is meant to ward off bad luck. It holds spiritual significance the last object of her concentration.

Health Concerns: N/A

Guide: N/A

Homeroom Class: Dark Arts (lel)

Dorm Room: Basement Lvl 2
Onna-Bugeisha by MWAlex
A tad bit of practice. I'm still alive, what with a break from the college. :icondoctordanceplz:
Genocide to my drawings, people. I cannae draw nethin', due to the abundance of schoolwork I need to focus on these days. Commissions are going to be extremely late, I'm afraid. Once half-term starts I'll hope to finish those and introduce some new work I've been doing.


Max Wahyudi Alexander
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I'm a student studying Graphics and (hopefully) to study it at A Levels. I mostly deal in random sketches and a Gears Fan Fiction Comic. Most would call me a recluse, but I prefer the term 'dedicated'. ;)

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