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And The Tail Comes Off by FlawedPotential

I find this very interesting in comparison to the rest of your gallery. You've merged your own style with effective proportionalism, an...

Inkwell by FlawedPotential

The contrast between the two art styles (the gradient of the pencil and the solid black from the ink) really compliment each other in t...




Aellae Invictus- Legacy Academy Application by MWAlex
Aellae Invictus- Legacy Academy Application
Name:Aellae Invictus

Age: Eighteen (18)

Species: Greek Storm Nymph


-Power over air. Aellae can push, pull and manipulate the air within a twenty-five metre radius around her. This means she can create a dense amount of air in order to walk through empty space, create vacuums in order to maintain an object's velocity, or even form weak shields to reduce the speed of an incoming object. Because of a nymph's passive nature, it is unlikely that this ability would be used for nefarious purposes.
-Thought manipulation. Aellae has inherited the Nymph ability to influence the opinions of another individual. However, a nymph cannot read the mind of another. In order to affect a person's mind, the subject's will and/or opinion needs to be provided before it can be caught, like a fish that bites onto a line. While water nymphs have been known to use this power for nefarious purposes, the storm nymph would only use it in a time of dire need, in order to dissuade a fatal act of aggression or destruction.

Height and Weight: 6 foot 3 inches, weighing around 10 stone.

Gender: Female

Background: After the influences of the Roman, Byzantine, Imperial and British empires, the old Greek spirits and mythological creatures began to lose their supernatural tether. Technology began to override the beliefs of men and women in deities. Olympus began to decay as the world modernised and lost its dependence on the old gods, and as such their rule weakened with their own subjects. Throughout the late 1990s, governments across the world had encountered a surge of wandering spirits and creatures that originated from Greece. Most of these beings found purpose in serving newer masters, or living in the small nature sanctuaries that were protected by laws. Those that attacked ferally were in turn eliminated.
Having begun her existence eighteen years ago, Aellae Invictus was the accidental product of a water nymph and a half-drowned sailor. Born in the Bermuda Triangle and given the sole name of Aellae, she was nurtured on small islands, spending her time gathering stories of the rest of the world from water spirits and sentient sea monsters. Overcome with wonderlust, she began to construct a raft from the wreckages (with the help of the few beings she'd befriended) of countless ships, the mast formed of cloth and tarpaulin scavenged from the depths. At this point, her powers hadn't emerged, and she was as vulnerable as any human. Regardless, despite the storms she suffered and the cold she faced, she landed in Puerto Rico. Taken in by the local nunnery, the occupants of which believed her to be an orphan who miracurously washed ashore, she grew accustomed to the company of other human beings.  It was only when she prayed  for the first time, however, that she discovered her first ability. It manifested when she heard the sqawk of a wounded animal.
 The matriarch watched in awe when Aellae began to walk up into the air as if it were a staircase. The girl reached the rafters of the nunnery and took the bird in her hands, descending slowly. When Aellae showed the rest of the nuns what she was capable of, there was a division between them; while the matriarch and Aellae's friends saw it as a blessing from God, others saw it as the possession of the Devil. It came to be that the matriarch was forced to exile Aellae, but not before giving the girl her blessing, and dubbing her 'Invictus', to be invincible. Devastated, Aellae left still wearing her robes, and out onto the streets of Puerto Rico.
She spent the next three years on streets and in hotels. Aellae took part-time jobs, made friends and contacts like any other human being. She had her hair cut and dyed by a local hairdresser, and her nunnery robes were modified for the weather and for more athletic purposes.
 She would, however, have a dramatic change in her life.
A freak storm had caused a plane's engines and systems to fail, and it was nose diving straight toward the city. While the streets filled with screams as people fled, Aellae began to create barriers of air to divert and slow the plane with air friction. Having only been her second time using her abilities, the stress of diverting the falling plane harmlessly down through the streets and landing in relative peace (save for a few crushed cars and dents on the plane's hull) forced her to faint. When she awoke, a crowd of people stood around her in fear. With the sound of sirens and roaring engines grew louder, she fled.
A few years after that incident, she gathered news of an island where she would not be feared, where the doubts of men were unfounded and the acceptance of beings like her were welcomed. She charted her course to Legacy Academy and began her journey.

-Accepting. You are her friend. Yes, you. That's how accepting she is of others. She takes apologies to and gives them from the heart.
-Pious. She prays regularly, twice a day. While her roots are Christian, she accepts the views of others and prays to the God(s) they believe in as well.
-Dancer. Long nights and early mornings in Puerto Rico have given her snake hips that would never lie. Also, she's a nymph.
-Kisser. Long nights and early mornings in Puerto Rico have given her a very personal touch to her interactions. Also, she's a nymph.
-Not an animal person. The sight and close proximity of a relatively large animal cause her to get very frightened or at best, anxious.
-Playful. Your personal space and hers are one and the same.
Onna-Bugeisha by MWAlex
A tad bit of practice. I'm still alive, what with a break from the college. :icondoctordanceplz:
Genocide to my drawings, people. I cannae draw nethin', due to the abundance of schoolwork I need to focus on these days. Commissions are going to be extremely late, I'm afraid. Once half-term starts I'll hope to finish those and introduce some new work I've been doing.


Max Wahyudi Alexander
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I'm a student studying Graphics and (hopefully) to study it at A Levels. I mostly deal in random sketches and a Gears Fan Fiction Comic. Most would call me a recluse, but I prefer the term 'dedicated'. ;)

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